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Bryan G. Brea --          Rafael Fernandez

Nelson JoaQuin --       Miguel Fernandez

Karla Becerril --           Jessica Gutierrez

Jonathan Iglesias--      Marcos

Lawrence Kochoa--     Angel Fernandez

Dan Drew--                  Miles Cavanugh

Adam B. Smith--          Mr. Smith 

Indoe --                         Indoe

Kevin Sanchez--           Kevin


Written, Produced, Directed by


Adam B. Smith


Camera Operator


Dan Drew

Antoine Terrell McAdams

Matt Rosen

Terrell Antoine Waiters


Music Supervisor

Arnold "DJ Dozen" Smith


Through the twist and turns in his life, Rafael Fernandez (Age 23) strives to be an Artist, a passion that goes back to when he was a kid, but life took him in a different direction now that he’s on his own. Rafael or Rafi as he is called to by his family and girlfriend has multiple jobs some including working at a bar and doing landscaping work. He faces issues of can’t find a full time employment and struggling financially. 


Miguel Fernandez,(Age 29/30) Rafi’s older brother lives a life of no regrets. Although he wants to make himself known in the world, the path he takes isn’t paved with the best intentions. Through it all he loves and cares about his family but his philosophy is, “Nothing or no one is going to get in the way of what he wants.”


Throughout the spring/summer of 2018, these two brothers lives will be taken in  different directions on a path they will never forget.

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