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I can recall as if it were yesterday when my parents surprised me with
my first camera. I was only 4 and went straight into taking shots of all
of my surroundings. Developing my films was not the priority because the only thing that matter was the aspiration that it developed within me.

This aspiration kept growing and developed into an inspiration after
looking at others making moves. “Hence, I decided it was my turn to do the same!

After graduating college in 2013, I wasted no time and gradually started working in videography and photography. After landing a full-time position my inspiration continue to grow. I simultaneously was working on building my own craft while working for other people and helping them in their photography and videography projects. And then decided I need to do this on my own. 


In 2015, I started A.B.S. Productions LLC. My company has been continuously been growing. 
Throughout this time, I have filmed and interviewed people from Barack & Michelle Obama, Linda McMahon, Joe Piscopo,  Shaquille O'Neal, Wyclef Jean and the list continues and will endure.....Anyone that comes into my studio and desires professional photos whether they want to be a model or need head shots we are the right company you are seeking! We make our clientele feel very homely and comfortable. For Photography,  I along with the A.B.S crew have captured some of the most skilled models. However, it's
not just trying to find the next best face. BECOME THE MOST SUCCESSFUL YOU!!

 -Adam B. Smith, (Founder)


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