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Chef Big KevinSanchez demonstrates how to make your Taco Verde taste even better for you "Taco Tuesday!"

Done with a four camera set up we captured ever movement and close up shot of as Big Kev did his magic in the kitchen.

Actress/ Performer Mariann Aalda  is the amazing and witty Adult Sex Educator & Mojo Motivator aka Ginger Peechee Keane. In this video this is her promo video highlighting her show "Getting Old Is a Bitch, But We're Wrestling It To the Ground." 

In these January 2020 performace we've traveled to New York and Chicago filming at the  sold out show which had audiences  laughing  on wild sex jokes through song and dance, and vital information on....SEX!

Carlos  & Maggori's fall wedding  10/19/19

 Steven & Ronit Late Summer wedding promo:  9/8/19

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