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Hemlock Falls

eZy Watermark_21-08-2023_11-28-34-7380PM.JPG

Located deep with the South Mountain Reservation. This waterfall is one of my go to spots for some photo shoots. If you seen my Cosplay Poison Ivy shoot, it was at this location. Even in the Dogs Day of August heat and no rainfall for a number of days the falls has a unique calming feeling and even though this Northern New Jersey it give Amazon feel.

Downtown Newark, NJ

The largest city  in the state of NJ,  and I honestly feel it is still the most downplayed places in the state, but have you ever walked the streets a warm summer Friday night? Maybe you are leaving work, heading to the Prudential Center or catching a show at NJPAC. Downtown Newark  on this evening was perhaps one of the most beautiful  i ever seen at 164 feet off the ground. Just look at how the sun is setting in the west. And how the lights from Broad St illuminates, or the statue of "Wars of America designed by Gutzon Borglum. 

When you look pass the negativity of the city you see it's true beauty

Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

For anyone who was born in Newark, NJ or raised on the Northside of the city knows this location. Growing up in the 90's in North Newark this cathedral has always been like a north star of some sort. Completed in 1954, it took 56 years to complete this French/ English/Irish Gothic style cathedral that over looks Branch Brook Park and from the 165 feet length of the drone, you see in the distance east  NYC skyline, but on the turn south you see the Downtown Newark Skyline.

eZy Watermark_21-09-2023_06-21-13-1680PM.JPG
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