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Your Voice Your Chose
"Get Out And Vote" 2023 

Kobrick Coffee House Commercial 

Tongues of Fire  (Stage Play)

Newark's First Friday Comedy Show Promo

Gross Anatomy "The Musical"
Adrian Miranda, stars as Dr. Dennis the offbeat but yet informative doctor educating people on the different parts of the body through song and dance (March 2022)

Nikon Commercial Ad

Commercial for Nikon showing the  Z series line showing the Z 50, Z5, Z6, and Z7

What Does Voting Mean to me? 

Commercial for the city of Newark, on the importance to vote in any election. "It's important to have your voices heard.

School Board Elections Ad

School Board Election in the City of Newark, and why it's important to get you voices heard

KEH visits Mack Camera. Check out the great interaction of customers and workers.

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