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Against All ODDS

This is the story of a young man who


lives a life of no regrets or remorse

for his own actions and going against

what he feels is odd.


During the sweltering  summer in


the middle of a worldwide pandemic,


where unemployment is at a record


high, as well as high crime and a


nation divided by hatred, it's all


about life, survival and escape.


Brandon Ortiz -- Kevin Valentin

Adrian Miranda --Ivan Valentin

Rhina Brito --Ivette Gutierrez

Adam B. Smith- Shawn McNamera

Indoe-- Monica Daniels

Wilmer Rodriguez-- X

Justin Rich -- Justin

Jonathan Detres --Bagpiper

Dolores Thomas-Smith -- Store Customer

Kristie Keleshian -- Grace Neely

Written, Produced, Directed By

Adam B. Smith


Wilmer Rodriguez

Make Up/ Special Effects Artist

Andrea Saavedra

Production Assistant

Michael Sookhi

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